Welcome at Helios Infinitas
Welcome at Helios Infinitas

Welcome at Helios I


Each year, Global Woman club presents nine awards that recognize women who have made a great contribution to the world. In 2020, Caroline Nijland received the Global Woman Award for sustainability 2020. She contributed to the connection of 1 million people to solar electricity in subsaharan Africa.


With its large expertise and experience in sustainable energy, Helios Infinitas would like to provide an answer to the climatic challenges faced by populations in rural Africa. The company strongly advocate for sustainable development and more transparent governance.



Helios Infinitas aims at advancing and scaling-up energy access in rural areas in Africa and tackling related environmental, economic, legal and social issues that come along with development of the sector.






    Business development

    Project management

    Project implementation

    Operational management


    Capacity building

    Compliance to policies and regulations

    Training in the field of rural electrification in Africa